Founded in October 2010

Founded in October 2010

Feeling safe
The best way for children to develop themselves is when they can be their own individual
The road to development and wisdom
A stable family for a stable future!
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Welcome to Kumbatio!

Every child has the right to have a safe 'home'

We, as a non-profit organisation Kumbatio, would like to offer a solid foundation to children who don't have a safe 'home' in Kenya. By offering a solid foundation, the outlook on the future of these children will become positive and valuable. We believe every child - no matter where in this world - has the right to grow up with their parents or other loving family members. The child's interest always comes first. When a child doesn't have a safe 'home', he or she will have a temporary 'home' (with a 3 year limit) with us at Kiota children's support center to find a temporary 'home' for a maximum of three years. Our project 'The Kiota Dream' will give us the space we need!

Education is very important

Additionally, we think that every child should get the opportunity to at least finish primary school and secondary school. This will increase their chances when it comes to a follow-up study or getting a job. We contribute to breaking the cycle of poverty. Children often wish to help their family or other people who are in the same situation as they used to be.


We have gathered a couple of facts that apply to the situation in Kenya: population, age structure, life expectancy, the amount of orphans/vulnerable children, the percentage of child abuse and the percentage of children attending education. 

To provide a safe home for 3 million children in Kenya, a lot of work has to be done. Honesty, trust and justice are not established with integrity in Kenya's political system. Because of this, we are dealing with people who mostly fight to survive. Offering help doesn't come easy - patience, perseverance and wisdom are needed in this process. 

Would you like to help?

This can be done in various ways: as a volunteer, by setting up an activity or as a donor.

On our page 'Help along' you can find all the information about this here!


Tell us, tell us!

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