Founded in October 2010

Founded in October 2010

Board, coordinators and volunteers

Without board and volunteers, Kumbatio wouldn’t be able to do as much as it is doing now. An enormous amount of work at different levels has to be done in order to present Kumbatio as it is and to make people enthusiastic in order to financially support us. We also have to make sure the right information is broadcasted – it takes a lot of work to accomplish all this! 

It doesn’t come easy to find the right and motivated people to voluntarily commit to Kumbatio. Working for Kumbatio has to come straight from the heart – earning money should not play a role here. Getting work done together, meet each other occasionally and help each other to get things done – these elements only make working for Kumbatio better! 

The board in The Netherlands

The board plans and checks, and it also has a partially executive role. The board consists of the following set roles:

  • chairman
  • treasurer
  • secretary (open)
  • board member communication (1 or 2 persons needed)
  • fundraising board member (open)

Next to that we look for coordinators next to the board:

  • activities coordinator
  • volunteers Kenya coordinator 
  • networkclub coordinator 


Are you interested? Just go to 'Contact' and send us a mail through the contact form!

The board in Kenya

The board in Kenya consists of the following set roles: 

  • chairman
  • secretary/manager
  • treasurer
  • vice-chairman
  • vice-secretary

Volunteers in The Netherlands

We could always use the help of volunteers in The Netherlands for the following tasks: 

  • invent/look for/arrange sponsor activities
  • approach schools and clubs for collaborations
  • coordinator for collected money from packaging deposit
  • doing administrative tasks (funds and sponsors) to support the board

Doing your internship in Kenya

Interns who are involved in one of the following subjects are more than welcome to do their internship at Kumbatio: 

  • development psychology (Kenya)
  • pedagogics (Kenya)
  • social and pedagogical care studies (Kenya)
  • education in singing/dancing (Kenya)
  • management and organisation (Kenya)
  • leisure and events (The Netherlands)

Tell us, tell us!

We are very curious to know what you think of our website! 

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