Founded in October 2010

Founded in October 2010

Family Planning and Empowerment

It is important that each family contributes to raise their child. However, we deal with children whose parents are often not around anymore. This means the child’s custody will eventually be given to another member (or members) of the child’s family. Before this happens, we would like to make sure the particular family member(s) are able to take good care of the child. This care consists of mental and social care, but also that they can provide for basic needs. Because it’s not self-evident that the children actually receive this care, we have developed the program ‘Family Planning and Empowerment’. 

Content of the program

The program is focused on self-reliance with a focus on the following 3 life facets: 

  1. dealing with a child in a pedagogical way
  2. learning how to stand up for yourself being a woman
  3. gaining insight in respect, own responsibility being a man/woman
  4. gaining insight in the consequences of your own actions
  5. generating an income by yourself to provide for your family

Our main focus is on the family member(s) to whom the children will be reintegrated, but we also think of other family members and the community. This way, we would like to reach as many people as possible with our program. People can support each other with these new insights. Culture plays a big part here and, as a Westerner, you cannot just take over. People have to see the benefits of the new insights. Only then, the gained knowledge will be put into practice. 

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