Founded in October 2010

Founded in October 2010

Help us and share your knowledge as a volunteer in Kenya!

Stories of our volunteers...

Do you want to do volunteer work abroad and are you thinking of Africa? Then become a volunteer in Kenya! This is one of the better developed countries in Africa. In our children's home 'Kiota Children’s Support Center' you could fulfill a great, educational and helpful time by doing voluntary work. You will contribute to development cooperation on a small scale, which often speaks to people more than the bigger organizations because there is more transparency. However, the policy for voluntary work has changed. Because of this, we will go into business with volunteers who want to contribute in a sustainable way by sharing their knowledge.

Why would you want to be a volunteer in Kenya?

This works both ways in contributing to a better world:

  1. It’s a great adventure. We actually should all experience an adventure like this to better understand what the world looks like. Because of this you will have a certain look at life which you wouldn’t have otherwise;
  2. Working in development countries is all about sharing knowledge and helping these countries when it comes to self-reliance. Only this way you can contribute in a sustainable way.

What awaits you as a volunteer for Kiota?

As a volunteer at Kiota, you could help in the following areas:

  1. being active with the children on an educational level (like playing games, sports, music, dance, teaching English)
  2. giving education to children and their families (about hygienic, illness, relationships)
  3. sharing knowledge at management level (administration and project management)
  4. sharing knowledge of agriculture, gardening and livestock farming
  5. doing specific activities

Do you have any experience in youth work, pedagogy, social work, psychology, management or agriculture? We could definitely use your knowledge!

Want to see more in Kenya? That is possible! 

Of course there is also time to experience beautiful Kenya itself. For example, you could go to Thika-Town, Nairobi, safari park Maasai-Mara, Tsavo-Park, the Naivasha district, Mount Kenya, Kilimanjaro in Tanzania or anything else you could think of! In short, there is enough to do here and you will learn from it as well!

To conclude, there is enough work to do and it will be a valuable experience for yourself as well!

Terms and conditions

When you are interested in helping as a volunteer, there are a couple of terms and conditions:

  • you have a minimum age of 21 years
  • you understand that you are in another country which means you are able to deal with their values and norms
  • you want to contribute to a better world for these children (on the spot)
  • you speak the English language in order to communicate with the children and the staff
  • you can show a certificate of conduct
  • before you leave we will discuss the following documents:
    • Child protection procedure
    • Complaints procedure
    • Code of good conduct


You will pay a financial contribution of €400 per month. In return, you will receive a bed in the volunteers’ room and 3 meals per day.

  • You will pay for your own ticket and travel and cancellation insurance
  • You will pay for your visa (€40 at arrival in Kenya)
  • You will pay for the taxi costs to and from the Airport in Nairobi to the orphanage (€ 35,- per ride. Kumbatio will make sure a taxi driver is waiting for you at the airport

Kumbatio will arrange everything between you and Kiota. If you have any questions, before or during your stay, do not hesitate to ask us. You will be invited anyway for an introduction in which you will be advised if you are the right volunteer for Kumbatio. You could see this as a job interview.


After your stay there will always be an evaluation. This way we would like to hear what you thought of your experience and in which ways we can do a better job.

We would also love it if you spread your story about us to family, friends and colleagues!

Are you interested?

If you are interested, please contact You are very welcome!


Tell us, tell us!

We are very curious to know what you think of our website! 

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