Founded in October 2010

Founded in October 2010

Would you like to help us?

Will you help? We are very happy with that!

There are many different ways to help us as a private individual or with your company. We have listed them below:

Please let us know if you have other ideas of helping us!


There are so many choices to help!

Don’t know what to choose? We always appreciate a donation!

Sponsor a child or a basic need

Would you like to be more in touch with one or more children from Kiota? You can!

To make sure every child gets what they need in Kiota, an estimated €100 per child is needed every month. However, we are very happy with contributions from €20 to provide the most important basic needs. Moreover, it is possible to cover the costs of one child with more sponsors. 

Are you interested? Let us know by filling in the contact form and we will send you more information. 

Firewood is very important in Kiota, because the meals are cooked over wood. No firewood means no meals. 

We spend around €60 per month on firewood. It is possible to contribute to cover these costs from €10 per month! 

Are you interested? Send us as message by filling in the contact form

Water obviously is a necessity in life. In Kiota we use water for cooking, drinking, cleaning, washing clothes, bathing and providing the kitchen garden with water. 

We spend around €40 per month on water. 

Would you like to contribute to this? Let us know by filling in the contact form!

Food! What to do without it? You would starve and that is something we obviously don’t want to happen! We need €350 per month in order to provide all children from healthy meals.

Would you like to help us periodically? This is possible from €15 per month.

Would you like to contribute to this? Let us know by filling in the contact form!



Donate with tax benefit

It is your own choice to donate one single time, but you could also choose to donate periodically (once every month/quarter/half year/year).

In the Netherlands the tax regulations are different from you own country. But we hereby explain how it works for The Netherlands. For information about it in your own country, you need to get the correct information there. In The Netherlands: The amount of money you donate is 100% tax deductible if you choose to donate periodically (it doesn’t matter how much the donation is in €). You could get back up to 50% from the Dutch tax office because we are certified as ANBI (Public Benefit Organisation). You can read more about the exact amount at the website from the Dutch tax office of via de ANBIgift calculator. The only condition for getting back money is that you have to donate periodically for at least 5 years. You also have to write this down in an agreement with Kumbatio.

A single donation is tax deductible if the donation is more than €60 – you don’t have to write this donation down in an agreement.

Would you like to know more about this? Approach us by filling in the contact form.

With a gift/donation you as a company show that you are socially involved. This can be done in 2 ways as a private company: 

1. A gift/donation to Kumbatio from a private company can be completely deducted from the profit. This may not exceed 50% of the profit per year, with a maximum of €100,000. The donations must be proven in writing. Sometimes it is cheaper to donate privately.

2. In a private company, donations are therefore deductible to a limited extent, but operating costs are fully deductible. It may therefore be smart to 'convert' a business donation into business costs, for example by placing an advertisement for us or dedicating man hours to sponsor us for an activity.

It is best to gain more information about this with your accountant or tax advisor. 

If you would like to donate from a company, please contact us!

Wil je weten hoeveel belasting je kan aftrekken bij een periodieke donatie? Via de “ANBIgift calculator” kan je gemakkelijk zien hoeveel een gift aan Kumbatio jou netto kost, na aftrek van eventuele belastingvoordelen. 

Set up a sponsor activity or give a presentation

Sometimes we get asked spontaneously if it would be okay to set up a sponsor activity. Of course it’s okay! We would love that! 

The only useful thing is an update about the plans. This way we could help promoting the sponsor activity and informing you about where we specifically need money for. It makes that the vision of your sponsor activity will come more alive if you have a concrete and clear story. 

Would you like to undertake action or set up an activity? Let us know by filling in the contact form

The Netherlands offers a wide scale of events that you can sign up for. Think of the Nijmeegse Vierdaagse, the Roparun, Amstel Gold Race, Fietselfstedentocht, the Zevenheuvelenloop and so on. 

Would you like to participate in an event as an individual or as a team? And would you like to get sponsored? That’s great! We would love to help you by gaining awareness in order for you to get as much sponsors as possible.  

Are you excited? Sign up here !

Do you like giving a presentation or want us to give a presentation? That is possible! 

By giving a presentation yourself you will learn that this is lots of fun and educational as well, because you get to know more about another culture. Besides that you will learn how to speak in front of a public. A great experience! 

However, we would love to give a presentation ourselves! We would deeply appreciate it if you would come up with a follow-up sponsor activity as extension of the presentation. 

Would you like to know more about this? Please contact us! 

Did you become interested in Kumbatio as a small-scale foundation? And would you like to get your colleagues or company involved as well? It is possible for us to give a presentation at your company. 

We will discuss the purpose of the presentation en we would love to know some more about the company beforehand - this way we can adjust our presentation. 

Please contact us if you would like to talk about the possibilities.

Sign up as a volunteer or intern in Kenya

We have already had many volunteers in Kiota.. As a volunteer, we look at your background in terms of education or work. We then tailor the volunteer work to what suits you best. Think of administrative tasks, chore tasks, regulatory tasks and setting up activities. The children certainly enjoy dancing and singing!

Besides that, you will meet some families of the children. This way you will get more insights in what happens behind the scenes and why we have taken in a child at Kiota. 

Besides all of this being really educational, it certainly is a lot of fun and it is very adventurous. You could also go on a safari trip from Kiota.


If you have trouble with unpredictable things happening (day in, day out) and the ‘relaxed’ way of people dealing with appointments, in contrast to what we are used to, then coming here won’t be a good idea. 

However, would you like to sniff the culture and experience the life in Kenya, without Western judgment, then you would make a great volunteer! 

Do you want to know more? Just go to Volunteering in Kenya or contact us! 

It is also possible to do your internship at Kiota. The following studies qualify for an internship: 


  • psychology
  • counseling
  • social and pedagogical care studies
  • sociology
  • social and pedagogical care studies (college)
  • social work (college)



  • management (niet-commerciële sector)
  • project management



  • horticulture
  • agriculture
You can understand that there will be no compensation for doing your internship with us. However, your stay and drinks/meals will be free of charge. In addition, you will take a huge pile of experiences back home – priceless! 
Want to know more? Please contact us! 

Kumbatio as a gift for birthdays, weddings, retirement, child birth

Do you have everything you need and desire and have no clue what to ask for as a gift? 

Ask a donation for Kumbatio as a gift! This means you could ask all your guests do put a donation in an envelope – you will then transfer the collected money to Kumbatio! Oh.. digital, you’re asking? Sure, no problem, that is possible too! If you ask your guests to put ‘Donation for wedding/retirement/birthday/birth of…’ in the description field, we will then be able to process it correctly in our administration. 

Would you like to know exactly what the money is being used for? We can discuss this beforehand! This way it all comes more alive and real! 

Do you like this idea? Please contact us! 

Don't know what to give someone as a gift? Then go into your own home, choose something nice that you could give and determine a price. This made-up prize is a donation you make to Kumbatio. 

When giving the gift, write on a card: 

“This is a gift chosen from my own home for which I donated €x to Kumbatio!” 

Would you like to become an ambassador?

An ambassador is someone who is committed to Kumbatio by letting the bigger public know that he/she stands behind our aim warmheartedly. You could think of a regional singer, a soccer player or someone else that already has many followers. 

Do you someone like this? Or who knows - do you want to be this person? Please get in touch and contact us! 

Book a safari trip

You can book a safari trip within Kenya through us. This can be arranged from your own place of residence, but also from Kenya. Want to know more about this? Then go to the website Warrior of Life – travels and safaris

As a volunteer from Kiota you can also arrange a safari through Warrior of Life. 


Tell us, tell us!

We are very curious to know what you think of our website! 

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