Founded in October 2010

Founded in October 2010

Information for participants of Walk with Kumbatio

Amazing that you are willing to challenge yourself to travel the virtual distance to Kenya to make sure we can build the Community Training Center of The Kiota Dream this year!

We hereby give you some additional information that you might need to achieve the best results:


To make it easier for your to find as many sponsors as possible, we have designed a crowdfundingswebsite. The following can be found on this page: 

  1. General information about Kumbatio and our goal for Walk with Kumbatio;
  2. A personal page with your profile picture, your motivation, your distance to be travelled and your funding goal;
  3. Sharingbuttons for you to share your personal page on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ and email;
  4. Tips and tricks to receive donations;
Go to Walk with Kumbatio-Kentaa and start your journey! 

Why should you make an account at Strava? With your account you can:

  1. Keep up with the amount of kilometers that you have travelled. We will use this to update the distance travelled to Kenya and we will use it to update the Bikkelbord and Warriorbord. Thus, make sure you share each distance on Strava, as explained below at 'How to use the Strava-application'.
  2. Follow other participants of Walk with Kumbatio;
  3. Become a member of the Walk with Kumbatio-club.

How do you sign up for Strava (if you are not enlisted already) and how to enter the Walk with Kumbatio club?

  1. Download and install the FREE Strava application on your phone. If you are asked to go for the trial version, choose no (otherwise you subscribe for a payed version of the application after one month).
  2. Once you have signed up for Strava, find the Walk with Kumbatio club. Go to 'explore', then 'clubs' and search for 'Walk with Kumbatio'.

How to use Strava for capturing your travelled distances?

  1. Each time you want to walk, run or cycle, choose 'record';
  2. Choose the correct icon (hiking, running or cycling) for your activity;
  3. Press 'Start' once you begin your activity;
  4. When you pause for a while along the way, you can click on 'stop' (you see the shape of a square). If you move on, you click on 'resume'. Several smartphones do this automatically.
  5. You can add photos and video along the way while covering some distance that day. That is very convenient for our PR! 
  6. When you've finished your distance for that day, you click on 'finish';
  7. Mention in the title: Walk with Kumbatio 2022 - day x. You can write a small story if you want, but that is not necessary;
  8. Forward your distance through the shar icon (the 3 small balls connected through lines) to WhatsApp number +31(0)6-18584660.


It is also possible to upload the photos and videos you made along the way afterwards. You can also share them on social media. The best photos are the ones where you are to be seen (in action), because that is more appealing.

Do you experience any issues? Reach out to us via or call use via +31618584660.

If you want to use any other application to track your activities, that is possible. Please let us know via

General terms and conditions

  1. Participation to Walk with Kumbatio is at your own risk;
  2. Walk with Kumbatio is not a contest, it is an event with the goal to collect money for the Kiota Dream and ensure a safe place for the children of Kiota to develop themselves and prepare them for returning to their families.
  3. A proof of enrollment is only offical once the subscription donation is fulfilled;
  4. While taking place in your Walk with Kumbatio activities, we ask your to wear the t-shirt. This is for creating more awareness for our non-profit organisation. Additionally, this is a requirement from our sponsors.
  5. If you participate, you declare your health is sufficient for taking place in the activities.
  6. All participants need to conform to all traffic rules;
  7. Participants respect other road users;
  8. Participants respect nature and do not leave any trash along their way;
  9. Participants guard their own safety and the safety of other road users;
  10. The organisation is in no way responsible for accidents and/or damages, theft and loss of personal items;
  11. If you share any pictures or videos on Strava or any other social media channel, you give permission to use these for promotion purposes;

Tell us, tell us!

We are very curious to know what you think of our website! 

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