Founded in October 2010

Founded in October 2010

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This page needs to be updated to the English version. This is already done with the Newsletter Kumbatio edition 1, 2023. 

Basisschool 't Wikveld Empel ('s-Hertogenbosch) zet zich in voor Kiota!

Sinds juli 2023 zijn we gekozen door basisschool ’t Wikveld in Empel (‘s-Hertogenbosch) dat we enkele jaren gaan samenwerken met ze onder hun stichting Wikveld4Africa.  Iets wat al jarenlang op de planning stond om met scholen samen te werken, maar puur door te weinig vrijwilligers is hier nooit eerder iets van gekomen.
Inmiddels is er een presentatie gehouden door ons waarbij ouders konden laten weten of zij mee willen voor een reis naar Kenia waarbij ze het geld wat is opgehaald met de sponsoractiviteit ‘Dance24Live’, gaan besteden. 
Ook de ouders met hun kind zijn inmiddels gekozen. En zo gaan er 4 ouders, 4 kinderen en 2 leerkrachten naar Kenia van 27 maart tot 7 april 2024. 
Maar eerst de sponsoractiviteit die plaatsvindt van 29 februari 9.00u tot 1 maart 9.00u waarbij de kinderen van de school een dansactiviteit hebben van 24 uur. Elk kind kan gesponsord worden, maar je kan ook zo een donatie doen, want elk bedrag gaat naar Kiota children’s support center! 
Je kan doneren op het volgende rekeningnummer:
NL32 RBRB 0901 202401
o.v.v. Donatie Dance24Live voor Kiota 

Newsletter Kumbatio - October 2023

Birthday Kiota, chicken breeding as part of Family Empowerment, a lot of water at The Kiota Dream and Kenya is under heavy load which Kiota feels!

A nuance as a response to news items about orphanages/children's homes and volunteers 

Unfortunately, several media platforms are warning and promoting that orphanages/children’s homes are ‘bad’ and it is better to not go there as a volunteer. However, they fail to mention the nuance that this is exclusively about organizations where:

  • local management misuses the money donated from the West
  • children are put to work to gather money
  • families are placing children in orphanages, to make sure they do not have to pay for education
  • volunteers (sexually) absusing children

None of these things were an issue in Kiota and never have been an issue. And yes, we do ask for a contribution (much lower than a 'commercial' NGO) from a volunteer to stay with us. This has 3 different reasons:
  1. we don't want a volunteer to 'use' us as a disguised holiday address (yes, we have had that experience);
  2. we're looking for volunteers with passion for Kumbatio and who understand that as an NGO we always have to raise funds and provide a bed, food and guidance;
  3. we want to try to rule out the possibility that people come as 'volunteers' with completely different intentions.

We need you as volunteer!

In addition, it is also stated that volunteers do more bad than good. What matters to us is what a volunteer does for work. A volunteer can do very useful work, for example by transferring knowledge and helping with projects or handyman work. The fact that developing countries learn from developed countries has been the case for a long time and will remain so for some time to come. We therefore regret that these messages are sent out one-sided without fully informing anyone about how an organization works and what it stands for.

A child grows up the best way with family

We agree that children grow up the best way when this is with their family. However, we have to stand still and think with common sense if this is really the best for the child. If we can help to improve the family situation (financially, materially, mentally or when it comes to relationships) we will fully commit to this. But first things first: a child has to have a safe home and, because of the circumstances, an orphanage/children’s home is essential! Just as long as the family conditions are good enough for a child to grow up (physically and mentally) in a safe place.

Would you like to help spreading the right image?

We hope to apply and show the right nuance with our appearance, the help of our volunteers and everyone who supports us!

Would you like to help us, please get in touch with us! 

Tell us, tell us!

We are very curious to know what you think of our website! 

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