Founded in October 2010

Founded in October 2010

''the seed for a beautiful future starts with being your own inspiration by learning from your past...''


The beginning of Kumbatio

After a lot of backpacking on her own, Yvette Boltze thought of the world as nothing more than fun and adventurous – this wasn’t enough. ‘I want to mean something to this world. In particular, I want to mean something for children that didn’t receive love from their parents. For children that don’t have any foundation to build a future on. These sad family situations are everywhere – in The Netherlands as well – but for children in Kenya there isn’t something like a safety net. These children have to do it on their own. I ended up in Kenya due to the fact that the founder of the scouts is buried near Mount Kenya – I have been a scout for 20 years. Because of this, my meaningful adventure started in November 2009.’

Yvette and Edward, November 2009

After exactly one year, Yvette reached the first milestone of her dream: Kumbatio Foundation. ‘Kumbatio’ means ‘embracement’ in Swahili (the spoken language in Kenya). The orphanage/children’s home is named Kiota, which means ‘nest’. Kiota symbolizes care, attention and love in order to leave the nest with confidence to build a beautiful future.

Kumbatio’s logo consists of a heart with a mother figure and a child figure. The figures seem to melt together in an embracement.

After many trodden paths, Kumbatio’s vision, mission, work process and important values have gotten clearer and clearer. All of these elements are important and needed in order to make sure the children end up well. 

Edward, 2019

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