Founded in October 2010

Founded in October 2010


Reintegration, or easilier said 'reunion', of the child with the family is something we focus on. Until 2018 we've tried to take care of the children of Kiota. to give them a stable, emotional foundation for their future. The goal for the children was to ‘fly out of Kiota’s nest with confidence’ when they would turn 18.

Since 2018 the policy has changed and we're now working with the child as well as with the family. 

Convention of the Rights of the Child

Since 2018 the message from the United Nations got to all developing countries and told them that they needed to ensure that children can grow up with their parents as much as possible. This is an international agreement ‘United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC)‘ waarin de burgerrechten, politieke, economische, sociale en culturele rechten van ieder kind staan vastgelegd ongeacht huidskleur, achtergrond en religie. 

We had to drastically change our policy in many areas because the government has given us the task to do everything we can to make sure the children will be reunited with their families – instead of being in a children’s home until they turn 18. This means that the families will feel more responsible for their children. Also, the support from a children’s home will decrease. It is quite a challenge because every child is taken in at a children’s home or an orphanage with a valid reason. To return these children to their old family situations – if they even exist – where the situation has not changed, is not even an option for Kumbatio. The child has to at least end up in a safe, healthy and constructive family-environment. This can be with an aunt, uncle, grandmother, grandfather or older sister or brother. When we can’t find a ‘suitable’ family we will look further for other family members or even friends of the family. If this is also not a possibility, we could set up a child-household in which a lot of guidance is needed by the social worker and psychologist to assist the children. 

Approach reintegration Kiota

Our reintegration program consists out of consists of finding the right family members, having conversations with these family members (together with the social worker and psychologist) and last but not least: having conversations with the child. The child will have the last say whether he/she wants to live with the particular family member(s). If this is the case, the child will be living with the family as a test. This period will be evaluated and, when all happened correctly and when it has a chance for success, it will be presented to the District Children’s Officer. The District Children’s Officer has to give a written approval. The final step is the approval of the judge who will legally arrange the custody with the particular family.  To make sure that the children end up well, we continuously need money for this continuous project. We therefore are always looking for donations.

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