Founded in October 2010

Founded in October 2010

Staff Kiota

Next to the board, we have 7 local employees as staff of Kiota. These employees deal with daily tasks and they take care of the children. It is important to have local employees due to the culture and the feeling of belonging. Next to that, we as Kumbatio believe that it is mostly about sharing knowledge from 'the West' - think of volunteers and interns - and resources to actually mean something together in a country like Kenya. 

Additionally, a permanent psychologist is scheduled in monthly to talk to the children (and their families when needed). Quality is something we value highly. This means we would like to give the children a meaningful turn in their lives so they can make healthy life choices to build their future on. To achieve that, the children need regular therapy to process traumas and to gain new insights in order for them to build towards a better future. 

Manager, Herman Njoroge Mwangi

Herman is seen as the coordinator of Kiota when it comes to staff, planning, materials and budget. He is graduated in 'Community Resource Management' and has experience in community training based on agriculture. 

Social worker, Grace Wangui Gachagua

Grace is a true social worker – her past situation is comparable to the situation of the children of Kiota. She is responsible for updating the children’s (and their families) files and she has to assess if the children are ready for reintegration. 

Teresia Wairimu
Assistent social worker, Teresia Wairimu

Being a recently graduated social worker (2018), Teresia can gain a lot of experience at Kiota as an assistant social worker. We see her potential and therefore offer her the opportunity to become a full social worker. 

Senior housemother, Florence Rwamba
Priscilla Wanjiku
Housemother, Pricilla Wanjiku
Housemother, Rachael Wanjiku Ngungu
Housefather, John Ngige
Nelly Ndirangu
Psychologist, Nelly Ndirangu

Nelly is a full psychologist with her own practice. Not only has she gained experience and knowledge in Kenya, but she has been in the United Stated as well. Nelly is really involved with Kiota. and is an important partner when it comes to building towards a good future for the children. 


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