Founded in October 2010

Founded in October 2010


What is our dream for this world?

Every child, no matter where on this world, has the right to and deserves to grow up in a safe and loving home to be able to grow towards her/his full potential.


What are we doing to make sure that we approach our vision as much as possible? 

Teaching to be self-reliable by strengthening the base of the life of the children who don't have a safe home. We do this through providing basic needs, giving them the necessary attention, care and love, help them processing their traumas, let them go to school and strengthen the family relationship by improving the physical and mental situation.


Kumbatio believes it is important that children grow up with their parents or other loving family members. Unfortunately, this is often impossible due to physical, sexual or mental abuse or abandonment. 

Additionally, we would like for the children to discover their hobbies and talent by offering them all kinds of activities. These activities will be founded by Kenyan volunteers or volunteers from abroad. 

To make sure the children feel appreciated and loved – as a foundation for a valuable future – we help them to process their traumas, to get education and to return to their families when children are ready to be reunited with them. This always happens with guidance from our social worker and psychologist. The requirements of a family reunion are the following: the family should be able to provide in the child’s basic and mental needs, the child should be surrounded in a loving environment and last but not least: the child has to want to be reunited.

The social worker and psychologist will follow and guide the ‘new’ family until the family is able to move on independently. It usually takes help to take care of a living and to be self-reliant. 


Kumbatio believes it is important to pursue the following important values by the board members, the staff, the families and the children in order to determine one clear direction for the work that has to be done in Kenya.

  • safety
  • trust
  • responsibility
  • self-reliance
  • respect
  • honesty
  • helpfulness
  • curiosity
  • transparency

Nuance news in the media

We would like to emphasize that we stand for a safe home for children, which is why we are very disappointed that there are certain news items about orphanages and children's homes in development countries.

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