Founded in October 2010

Founded in October 2010

Walk with Kumbatio, edition 2

August 11, 2021- September 11, 2021 


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Walk with Kumbatio's first edition took place last year. In this first edition, 40 participants have collected 15,000 euros !

Because of last year's success, a second edition is obviously not to be missed. That is why we are (again!) going to travel the route to Kenya, in order to raise money for Kiota with as much as enthusiastic participants as possible.

This year's target: Building a Home - to create a new, safe place for vulnerable children in Kenya.

Will you be joining us? Sign up now! (tot 25 juli 2021 als je een t-shirt erbij wil)

Building the dream

For a child, a safe home is priceless. Unfortunately, this doesn't always speak for itself. 

For a while now, we have been busy developing The Kiota Dream. Meanwhile, we are preparing ourselves to start building. With Walk with Kumbatio 2.0, we want to raise money in order to build the first family home as part of The Kiota Dream: a safe place for Kiota's children where there is room for their development, and where they can prepare themselves for the return to their families. To be able to realize this, we need around €25,000, which we hope to raise with Walk with Kumbatio. 


We raise money by traveling the route the Kiota, Thika with all participants. By land, this route is about 10,000 kilometers. It's a long, long way! Therefore, we need as many sporty participants who are willing to join us.

In which way is it possible for you to contribute to this? You can do so by traveling a specific distance from your own hometown/holiday address. You have the choice to walk, cycle or run this distance. All chosen distances will be added up altogether - the final goal obviously is to end up in Kenya!

We will be doing this from Augustus 11-September 11. In honor of Kumbatio's 11th anniversary! 

All information regarding how you can join us, what we expect from you and what you can expect from us, is described below.

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What will the process be like?

1. Sign up in just a couple of minutes by filling in the registration form. Fill in your personal details, which way of traveling to Kenya - and how many kilometers you will be accomplishing. In order to participate, we need you to fulfill a single payment of 25 euros. We will form a team with all participants combined and this asks for a T-shirt! This T-shirt will be sent to you.

Do you want to participate with an association or as a group? Please reach out to contact .

2. Try to find as much sponsors as possible. Think of family, friend and colleagues who are willing to support you financially during your achievement. You will be sent tips & tricks that are helpful for gathering as much sponsors as possible. 

3. Participants have the opportunity to complete their chosen distance from August 11 - September 11. We will keep you informed about the individual achievements and the collective traveled distance to Kenya.

Take personal photos along the way and send them to us or post them on social media! This way you will inspire others to donate! 

4. We will announce the collective traveled distance at August 11 at 21.00h to see if we made it to Kenya. Additionally, we will announce the total amount of money that we raised altogether.

Have we convinced you to join us?

Sign up by clicking the button below. Have we not convinced you yet? Check out some impressions of last year's edition. Do you have any questions? Please check the 'Frequently Asked Questions' or reach out to us contact

To a better future for child and family!

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Tell us, tell us!

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